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30 June 11

Still sore…

from yoga on Tuesday night. I have band practice tonight + am going to ride some serious bike, so I hope that will loosen things up. 

I also have recently been suffering from some annoying Distention. It’s possible that I have developed a sensitivity to gluten, so I may try a gluten-free diet for a few days and see how things go after that. I am definitely sensitive to lactose but having a stomach that looks like I’m in my third trimester was never something that happened due to eating a bunch of dairy. 

  1. tylertylertyler said: Sad Face. I hope it sure isn’t a gluten intolerance! Have you been drinking enough water and eating enough veggies recently?!
  2. elliotttt said: Did you do yoga with some bros? If so, you should say you were doing BROGA bwahahaha!!
  3. bclikesyou posted this
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