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A boy who grew up in the woods. A healthy obsession with the passage of time on inanimate objects.


18 November 12
Proposed tonight! Super engaged! #futurewife

Proposed tonight! Super engaged! #futurewife

Tags: futurewife
  1. brerfly said: congratulations!!!
  2. bradjunswick said: woah congrats!
  3. caseydaggett said: Congrats!!!
  4. d-wolves said: I don’t really know you I guess, but this is super awesome. o/\o
  5. auxcide said: Congratulations!!!
  6. deathspersecond said: Whoa, nice job guys!
  7. admvgddkdq said: Congrats dude!
  8. matthewjmason said: Congrats!
  9. unassailable-pull said: Congrats Buddy!!
  10. lungcycles said: holy shit, congrats man!
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